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When talking about information security and companies, everything becomes sensitive. In this digital world, companies need more and more privacy and safety. No information can be forever private with the current cutting edge technologies that might allow some flaws underneath them. This is why we’ve founded Bit Sentinel Security, to protect businesses against cyber threats. To test and teach them how to better protect themselves online. We have a variety of services including penetration testing, malware protection, cyber attacks recovery, 0day attacks mitigation, security audit. Basically, we tailor our offer based on every customer needs.

For us, the term “secured environment” is a real promise towards our clients. This is what we enjoy doing, creating a more secure place for business in order to do their work in peace.

We also teach others how we do it, this is why we’ve created some special trainings and courses for security enthusiasts that want to learn the basics behind information security. Even more, we are part of the core team that organizes one of the biggest CTF competition in Europe. We’ve succeeded to create a awesome network around us and as we always say:

“the need of privacy and online safety brings people together to look for solutions so keep doing what you are good at while your safety will be our business”


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