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Students and educational staff (such as teachers, professors, lecturers, etc. ) require access to security learning resources at any time, from all sorts of devices in the remotest of places – whether from the classroom, the faculty lounge, at home or even from the road. This type of anywhere / anytime functionality makes class projects or student – teacher collaboration easier. This collaboration also comes with greater vulnerabilities that can make difficult to protect sensitive educational information against theft, loss and cyber-attacks.

Education providers and teachers need to catch up with attackers that are growing with technologies. New trends like shifting from books to digital courses distribution, podcasting, and open source systems for e-learning or shared/collaborative functionality for distance learning are tools gaining usage and fans. These tools and other arising will be further streamlined with comprehensive cloud services. All these factors are security concerns generators.

Driven by privacy concerns and the willing to adopt frameworks for better security and control, educational institutions must protect sensitive data and defend their networks from internet threats.

Why you need Penetration Testing & Security Management Services?

  • keep the students and staff personal data secure
  • keep the positive overall image of the educational service
  • control functionality and access to shared/collaborative applications
  • minimize the risks of mass infecting all the servers that use educational applications
  • avoid unwanted access to educational systems
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