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As your need to protect customers and internal confidential information, to deliver strong and secure specific financial services and to meet National Bank regulation or PCI compliance is always rising new challenges, we offer you a strong and tailored professional managed service to answer your main concerns.

Cyber attacks against financial services institutions, including insurance companies, are becoming increasingly frequent and sophisticated. Insurance and banking firms often possess large amounts of personally identifiable information and safeguarding such information in digital format is technologically challenging and expensive.

The rise in frequency and breadth of cyber attacks can be attributed to a number of factors.

  • Unfriendly nation-states breach systems to seek intelligence or intellectual property.
  • Hacktivists aim to make political statements through systems disruptions.
  • Organized crime groups, cyber gangs, and other criminals breach systems for monetary gain—i.e., to steal funds via account takeovers, ATM heists, and other mechanisms.

As the cost of technology decrease, the barrier to entry for cyber crime drop, making it easier and cheaper for criminals of all types to seek out new ways to perpetrate cyber fraud. A growing black market for breached data serves to encourage wrongdoers further making customer financial information more valuable on the black market, which increases incentives for cyber attacks.

By using our flexible service delivery model, as a bank or insurance company, you can customize our services to augment your current efforts in the most proficient way possible. No matter what size, we tailor our services to fully give expected results and dramatically reduce time, resources and other costs.

Many security practices are very similar to those of any other business organization. The security of banking systems is also very visible to a bank customer and computer security in banking systems is hence open to much debate and discussion, not only within the public eye, but also within the computer security industry.

Financial business risks and the security countermeasures are linked with international banking networks, regional banking networks, private electronic banking networks for corporate banking and personal banking customers, security for centralized bank host systems, and future trends and directions.

Why you need Penetration Testing & Security Management Services?

  • keep clients personal data secure
  • minimize the risk of financial losses and keep clean the reputation of the bank
  • reduce the risk that black hat hackers can have to use your e-banking & offline banking systems for illegal purposes
  • financial exfiltration
  • protect your clients against inside illegal activities
  • minimize the chances of significant periods of downtime
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Your security is our business!

NOW is the ideal moment to strengthen your business security. It’s time to improve your security mechanism by using specific Security Management Services or simply train your employees to better answer the latest challenges from the market.

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