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“Cyber intrusions and attacks have increased dramatically over the last decade, exposing sensitive personal and business information, disrupting critical operations, and imposing high costs on the economy.” — U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Cyber threats represent a real and significant danger to the any government, its citizens, businesses and its overall economy. Just as any businesses in banking, manufacturing, e-commerce or entertainment move to pervasive networks, public sector organizations face a challenging new reality when implementing today’s infrastructures: a spiraling threat to data security. Driving this growing threat are the evolving trends of mobility, cloud computing, and advanced targeted attacks, which combine to create challenges and insomnia for IT administrators.

Our Cyber Security Services focuses on the convergence of globalization, connectivity, and the migration of public sector functions online. It identifies the challenges and examines emerging trends and strategies from around the world to build e-government services security aware and ready to face cyber threats through our Penetration Testing & Security Management Services.

Why you need Penetration Testing & Security Management Services?

  • protect citizens from personal data leakage
  • protect overall economy of e-government services
  • keep a positive image of your government services in the view your citizens
  • protect against cyber espionage & state sponsored infiltration & exfiltration campaigns
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Stop waiting, it’s time secure your business!

NOW is the ideal moment to strengthen your business security, to improve your security mechanism, to build a Data Lost Prevention plan or/and train your employees.

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