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Startups and SMEs are usually targeted by black hat hackers because they tend to prioritize other aspects when they budget the development cycle of their business, leaving cyber security at the end of the queue. Our team understands how these companies work and can deliver in the same time professional but cost effective services such as Penetration Testing & Security Management Services.

Our cyber experts will focus on the most valuable assets, they will set clear goals, adopt few processes and flows, insist on tools that will fit your workflow, review and improve your internal security practices.

You must always keep in mind that, it doesn’t matter if your company is in Top 500 Most Valuable Companies world wide or it is just starting, bulk hacking is one of the approach that some hackers use to hijack a large number of web servers/software applications and transform them into zombies, helping them to use your resources in illegal activities. Google and other search engines can blacklist your website and your clients won’t be able to access your service. This is just one of many threats that any software provider can face during his online existence. When you’re an entrepreneur, trust is your most important currency. Trust us taking care of your security, while you can focus on developing your innovative product and increase your revenue streams.

Why do you need Penetration Testing & Security Management Services?

  • minimize the risk of financial losses and brand damage in the early stages
  • keep clients personal data secure and avoid data leakage
  • protect your business against cyber espionage & data leakage to your competitors
  • avoid becoming a zombie to black hat hackers
  • keep focusing on revenue streams and not on Disaster & Cyber Attack Recovery after a security breach
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Don’t wait, it’s time to secure your business!

NOW is the ideal moment to strengthen your business security and improve your security mechanism. Keep focusing on bringing revenue streams in your company, while we will take care of your security and/or train your employees on how to face black hat hackers.

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