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Reinforce your resilience to cyber attacks with professional independent penetration testing, managed security services, incident response, code review or cyber security consultancy. We help companies like yours discover, prioritise, and effectively remediate potential cybersecurity threats.

What we do.

Penetration Testing Services_

Learn exactly how vulnerable your company is with black box, white box or grey box penetration testing services. We assist you to interpret, prioritise, and act on threat data to ensure business continuity and reduce risks.

Managed Security Services_

Handle your cyber risks confidently by acting on insights from regular security reviews. We routinely assess your security controls and implement proactive measures to ensure your setup stays resilient and compliant.

Cybersecurity Consultancy_

Evaluate and increase your security level to ensure compliance with the latest regulations. We thoroughly review current policies and procedures, working with you to improve your processes and minimize your cyber risks.

Incident Response _

Recover from cyber attacks while limiting the damage to your company’s operations, finances, and reputation. We intervene promptly to apply disaster recovery plans, identify points of failure, clean up malicious code, and harden your security to prevent subsequent attacks and fraud.

Security Awareness & Training _

Discover how susceptible your employees are to cyber attacks and how well your security team can respond to compromise. We help you understand and improve how your company reacts to the exploitation of human beings across departments.

Blockchain Security Services_

Give your customers more reasons to trust your blockchain-based service. We perform external security audits for token sale and smart contracts, exchange platforms, token trackers and more.


We help companies like yours discover, prioritize, and effectively remediate potential cybersecurity risks.


Securing and protecting your company’s most valuable assets is a responsibility we’re happy to take on.


To pursue this mission, we constantly sharpen our skills by getting the most prestigious professional certifications in cybersecurity.


These globally recognized standards of achievement ensure you always deal with highly qualified experts that own their craft.

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