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Check if your website was hacked and browse through the free catalog of compromised websites from Romania

In our work, we frequently come across compromised websites operating under the .ro TLD. As a result, a couple of years ago we started this online ledger to record all successful web attacks against websites Romanian websites.

Since March 2015, we recorded almost 15,000 compromised websites. To this day, we continue to scrape popular online archives, forums, and news outlets for defaced .ro websites.

Our goal is to provide website owners and admins a chance to check for past successful attacks. The report includes a screenshot of the defacement as well as potential mitigation options (on demand) to prevent similar compromises in the future.

You can use Ro Hacked for free to test your website right now!

RoHacked was mentioned in the media many times over the years. Below you can find some highlights.

Free RoHacked Statistics

To give you a broad overview of the attacks which occurred in the last 30 days against Romanian websites, we built a statistics module.

In it, you’ll find:

  • A breakdown of the most affected types of servers
  • A classification of the most impacted servers operating systems
  • Day by day statistics highlighting specific days when cybercriminal activity was unusually high
  • The top IP addresses that host the highest number of defaced websites
  • The top 30 most active attackers.

How Free RoHacked helps website owners

The free Ro Hacked tool updates automatically each day, drawing data from various security feeds.

When it identifies a hacked Romanian website, it automatically notifies the domain administrators that their website may have been compromised.

The automated report includes a screenshot of the defaced website and a link to the Ro Hacked website report.

This contains details about the attacker that performed the defacement, the date it occurred and miscellaneous information about the server.

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