Startup Security Essentials_

Build trust with customers and investors based on strong security practices, validated by independent infosec professionals

By its nature, your startup is focused on building excellent products that can scale to achieve fast, global growth. To accomplish this, cyber security is an indispensable priority for everyone involved.

Did you know?

Early adopters:

  • are concerned about how their data is handled and stored
  • expect strong security and privacy as part of the package
  • trust you to keep their data safe and support you based on that trust.


  • will want to know what you’ve done to protect the sensitive data they create when using your product
  • in order to commit to a contract, enterprise customers will require a sample of your last penetration testing report or other cyber security policies and procedures put in place
  • in this stage of your startup’s development, trust is difficult to earn and can be lost in a few minutes – use security to strengthen that trust and keep your reputation unharmed.


  • will ask you about data encryption, server stability, and privacy before investing
  • expect you to avoid cyber attacks that can permanently damage your startup and any chances of getting ROI
  • count on you to use the financing they provide to implement security controls that ensure business continuity and growth.

Our team of cybersecurity experts at Bit Sentinel can help you achieve all this and more.

How Startup Security Essentials works

We created the Startup Security Essentials package exclusively for early-stage companies that value security and are looking to cover their specifics needs.

When you work with Bit Sentinel, our team performs a thorough penetration test focused on the most prevalent security issues included in OWASP Top 10.

For 5 days, our team of cybersecurity engineers will probe and evaluate your defenses and security setup to reveal your vulnerabilities and guide you in fixing them.

During the penetration test, we safely simulate cyber attacks to uncover and exploit your startup’s weaknesses. The best part is that you can continue to do business as usual with zero downtime.

Optionally, we can also run an automated vulnerability scan of your internal network using a reliable tool whose performance is recognized globally.  

After reporting the findings and giving you enough time to apply the recommended fixes, you also get a free retest to ensure your critical issues are solved.

What Startup Security Essentials reveals

Our team of information security experts use their know-how and experience to uncover:  

  • how publicly available information about your startup and your network expose you to cyber attacks
  • which vulnerabilities can lead to the most damaging consequences for your startup
  • which deficiencies in your infrastructure setup make you susceptible to which cyber attacks
  • which flaws in the operating systems, services, and applications your startup uses require immediate solutions
  • if any improper configurations can be successfully exploited by cybercriminals and how to fix them
  • how your network configuration and security technologies react to different threats
  • whether there are critical logic flaws in the applications’ business processes and how to address them
  • how you meet regulatory requirements and how effective your compliance process is
  • if your team is using weak credentials that cyber criminals can easily break and more.

Who qualifies for Startup Security Essentials

Because we tailored this package specifically to startups, you can purchase it if your company:

  • is less than 3 years old since it was established
  • brings in less than €250,000/year in revenue
  • has no more than 10 employees.

Our package also includes an engagement of up to 3 days for one website and a maximum of 20 IPs from your internal network.

If you’re looking for a more extensive version, you can read about the standalone penetration tests we perform.

Protect your startup against cybersecurity threats

Your customers’ and investors’ trust relies on your startup’s security to a great extent. Regardless of your industry or vertical, you can’t afford a disruptive cyber attack.

With Startup Security Essentials, you can minimize the unpredictable consequences of a data breach and establish strong foundations for growth.

Add value to your product and services through strong security practices and secure your startup against:

  • malicious code injection
  • broken authentication and access control
  • sensitive data exposure
  • security misconfigurations
  • Cross-site scripting (XSS)
  • using components with known vulnerabilities
  • insufficient logging and monitoring
  • risk of privilege escalation or lateral movement
  • man-in-the-browser attacks
  • session hijacking
  • malware infections
  • API vulnerabilities and attacks
  • abuse of functionality
  • brute force attacks
  • protocol abuse
  • DNS cache poisoning
  • command injection
  • TLS denial-of-service
  • remote code execution
  • business logic flaws
  • .. and many more

What you can achieve with Startup Security Essentials

Once the penetration test is complete, you receive two separate actionable reports to guide your remedial actions and help you create processes that improve your startup’s security.

A Penetration Testing Report built on internationally recognized standards. This document includes:

  • Limitations Regarding the Disclosure and Use of This Report
  • A General Introduction that sets the context
  • An Executive Summary that provides the high-level overview of our findings
  • The Methodology overview which depicts the testing methodologies used
  • A list of Conducted Tests we performed and what we focused on finding by using them
  • A list of Identified Vulnerabilities, their distribution, risk scoring, and the technical documentation you can use to recreate our findings  
  • A Detailed Report of Each Vulnerability whose results were validated through fact-based risk analysis
  • Conclusions that include tactical guidance for immediate improvement and strategic recommendations for long-term enhancements.

A Vulnerability Assessment Report created with a reliable, licensed scanning tool whose performance meets the highest standards in information security. This document includes:

  • Limitations Regarding the Disclosure and Use of This Report
  • A general Introduction to set the context
  • An Executive Summary that gives you the high-level overview of our findings
  • The methodology which described the testing methodologies we used
  • The overall Security Threat Level of your startup based on the average given by your vulnerabilities
  • The list of vulnerabilities scored according to severity so you can immediately spot which need urgent attention
  • A breakdown of the technical details for each type of critical vulnerability we uncovered in your startup’s infrastructure and assets
  • A collection of recommended actions to help you mitigate the risk associated with these vulnerabilities

With these reports in hand, you can confidently manage and solve your security issues to ensure your startup can operate at peak performance, uninterrupted by common cyber attacks.

Additional protection for your startup against cybercrime and fraud

Looking to strengthen your defenses further? Our team of cybersecurity experts can also help with:

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