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With skyrocketing adoption and a projected market worth of $20 billion by the end of 2024, blockchain technology is primed to transform the tech world. This is exactly the kind of attention that attracts some of the most motivated attackers, irrespective of their skill level.

It’s true that security is central to this new tech. Its core tenant is to provide the means to perform virtual transactions defined by unscathed data integrity.

However, this doesn’t mean the blockchain is intrinsically secure. There are points of failure in your blockchain ecosystem that require tech solutions, processes, and training to mitigate.  

Blockchain Security Services

Did you know?

Over $24 millions were lost in 2018 because attackers abused software flaws, according to the 2018 Blockchain Security Threat Report. The numbers speak for themselves.  

Security is an indispensable aspect of blockchain implementation because it’s fundamental to build trust. To provide validation for transactions, for example, blockchain allows multiple parties to trust each other based on objective criteria.

As a result, security plays a vital role in emerging businesses aiming to tap into the potential of this nascent tech. One incident or a single attack can ruin your reputation, lose your paying customers, and set you back months or years’ worth of progress.

The Bit Sentinel team is formed by skilled engineers who can help you build security into your blockchain-powered service and earn your customers’ trust in the process.

Develop a strong, secure service validated by independent infosec pros

1. Keep your blockchain security risks under control

Blockchain technology is evolving fast so it’s natural to have questions about potential liabilities and unpredictable weaknesses.

The lack of standards in blockchain security makes it difficult for emerging businesses to decide about it without expert input. For example, choosing the right protocols and building strong processes is a matter of ongoing research and consolidation.

The challenge here is that there’s not much room for error or oversight.

Risks associated with blockchain implementations include

  • Lack of robust platforms
  • Lack of scalable distributed consensus systems, and interoperability mechanisms
  • Encryption key storage security
  • Weak Smart contract implementations that provoke breaches
  • Identity or financial value theft in the form of cryptocurrencies.

That’s why we’ve been studying and experimenting with this tech for the past years so we can gain a deep understanding of how security works in the blockchain ecosystem.

Now we’re harnessing our experience to help businesses like yours address both frequent issues and subtle interdependencies.

2. Avoid security and business crises

The wide applicability of the blockchain is what excites techies and business people around the world and for good reason. Digital currencies, fraud detection, identity validation, insurance, marketplace, and medical data privacy are just some of the use cases where blockchain makes a huge difference.  

The blockchain’s operating principles change how transactions happen so change is inherent in this context.

Enthusiasm to innovate must be balanced with caution, especially with fast-developing tech. Improper security controls can expose exactly the confidential information the blockchain is built to protect.

At Bit Sentinel, we can help you implement blockchain securely and minimize your risk across the entire process. Our practical expertise ensures that your information security strategy supports your business growth without risking your investment in this new tech.

3. Preserve your blockchain’s integrity

When you choose us as your blockchain security partner, we work closely with your team to address your specific challenges.

The certified engineers on our team possess a diverse skill set, ranging from reviewing your code for security gaps and errors to securing your Smart Contracts Design and Architecture.

With security built into your business’s DNA, you ensure that your blockchain infrastructure is resilient and ready to scale and serve customers across the globe.

4. Make blockchain security a business asset with independent testing

As a business owner, you deal with a lot of uncertainty when developing blockchain-based apps. The same happens to your customers, who understand a lot less about the implications of this new tech.

What your users need to know is that your service is safe to use, reliable and that it solves their problem.

Getting independent validation for your blockchain-based application can be a powerful differentiator for your business.

Tap into our know-how and improve your reputation by working with Bit Sentinel.

Our engineers hold the most prestigious professional certifications in cybersecurity and constantly acquire new knowledge and skills.

5. Understand circumstantial threats and risks in your ecosystem

The more money companies invest in blockchain adoption, the bigger the target they become for cybercriminals.

Attackers know that most businesses struggle with implementing blockchain tech correctly, so they focus their attention on those vulnerable stages where security is not as robust.

Because security is not inherent to blockchain’s varied applications, malicious actors can leverage vulnerabilities in the ecosystem to compromise your service.

For example, attackers target failure points in identity and access management as financial institutions move towards bigger investments in blockchain technology.

Use our experience to gain a deeper understanding of your security risks and what you can do mitigate them effectively.

6. Train your team to handle blockchain security like professionals

Being able to rely on your team to make the best decisions for your blockchain-based service is essential for growing a business in this sector.

Since things are evolving fast in the field, staying at the top of your game security-wise can be a powerful catalyst for growth.

Train your team to craft and implement security best practices across your blockchain projects, including token offerings, contracts, or others.

With this knowledge, your colleagues become able to create the policies and processes your business needs to thrive. They’ll also be able to set and maintain high security standards to support your business’s expansion.

Validate your commitment to building a high-quality and trustworthy blockchain service.

Choose the Bit Sentinel blockchain security services you need

Count on us to perform professional:

  • Security Code Reviews
  • Static and Dynamic Analysis for Smart Contracts
  • Risk Assessments
  • Disaster Recovery Plans
  • Smart Contracts Costs Evaluation and Optimization Recommendations
  • Smart Contracts Design and Architecture
  • Solidity Smart Contracts Development
  • Blockchain Interaction Security Evaluation
  • Initial Coin Offering (ICO), Token Generation Event (TGE) or Security Token Offering (STO) Advisory and Consultancy
  • Blockchain Cryptocurrencies Exchange Cyber Security Evaluation
  • White Paper Compliance Review against Smart Contracts

Protect your blockchain service against these threats

  • Financial loss, including cryptocurrencies
  • Private keys theft
  • Tampering with your crypto key
  • Blockchain privilege escalation
  • Improper consensus mechanism
  • Nonexistent blockchain security framework
  • Denial of service (DoS) attacks
  • Packet sniffing and MITM attacks
  • Social engineering attacks
  • Blockchain integrity issues
  • No protection against malicious code
  • Misused timestamps
  • Tampering with genesis block
  • Logic flaws in smart contracts
  • Race condition attacks

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