Bit Sentinel Expertise and Certifications_

We think like hackers and execute with uncompromised ethics.

Cybersecurity is not a job for us, it’s a way of life.


Everything we do focuses on following through on our responsibility to secure and protect the integrity of your company’s communication networks and information technology systems.


We’re relentless learners, constantly broadening our knowledge and exploring technical depth and challenges.


We do so because we believe an information security professional must have a well-rounded experience, both in terms of tech skills and business knowledge. We’re always up for a challenge that involves a multidisciplinary approach!


We choose to work with customers on a low-volume basis to deliver uncompromised service quality, as our engagements are more like long term partnerships.


This is what we enjoy doing: creating a more secure context for businesses to thrive and serve their customers well.

Bit Sentinel Certifications_

Our core belief is that education and knowledge are essential to evolution. This is why our team is made of  highly qualified experts who hold the most prestigious professional certificates in the field.


Obtaining these globally recognized standards of achievement is how we follow through on our commitment to constantly increased our layer of expertise.


This enables us to apply our skills and know-how to a wide range of information security challenges and playing fields.

Security Awareness & Community Projects_

Bit Sentinel is always keen to stay close to the community and give back! This is why yearly, the team is involved in different community events or organizing CTF competitions to encourage and teach younger generations about ethical hacking.


Whenever the time allows it, Bit Sentinel supports initiatives that have the potential to become important development factors to the local security landscape.  


Here are some of the projects we are actively involved:


In 2019, DefCamp turns 10. What started as a small community event, turned into one of the biggest hacking and information security conferences in the CEE. With almost 2000 attendees in 2018, the team is constantly working to attract skilled individuals to cybersecurity roles and guide those already on this professional path.


The Bit Sentinel team is involved in organising and supporting DefCamp, especially in its many challenges from the yearly Hacking Village and the largest CTFs from the region: D-CTF. Over 1,000 teams from 100+ countries join the online qualifications stage every year.


All this has brought us tremendous satisfaction! We’ve seen the community evolve, specialists become pros, and more and more students making their first steps in infosec.   

Picture from DefCamp 2018
Picture taken in London, UK at ECSC 2018

European Cybersecurity Challenge

One of the things we most enjoy about our job is the opportunity to teach others what we’ve learned from both certifications programs and especially practice.


To do this, we’ve created a suite of dedicated training sessions and courses for security enthusiasts who want to learn the basics of information security.


What’s more, in 2019 we are the technical coordinator of one of the biggest CTF competitions in Europe: the European Cybersecurity Challenge.


This will be our second consecutive year of being actively involved in the ECSC. During the past years, we contributed to selecting the national team, trained them and helped choose the 10 participants that went on to participate in the ECSC.

In 2019, the ECSC will be held in Bucharest, at Romania’s Palace of the Parliament, one of the biggest buildings in the world. Teams from 19 participating countries will compete in the challenge.

Orange BIS Threat Map

Our team worked together with Orange Romania to create the Orange Threat Map. Its objective is to present a high-level, visual perspective of the data collected by Orange Romania Business Internet Security agents deployed across Romania.


The map is a constant reminder of the scale of the challenge in cybersecurity, that’s also accompanied by extreme diversity and complexity.


Here’s the role the Bit Sentinel team played in building this awareness-oriented tool for businesses.


“I approached Bit Sentinel a couple of years ago when we needed a trustworthy cybersecurity partner with whom to develop BIS Threat Map. The team coordinated by Andrei proved to be very efficient and flexible in our collaboration.”, shared Cristian Patachia, Development & Innovation Manager, Orange Romania.

Picture showing real time attacks targeting Romania

Customer stories_

Founded & led by Andrei Avădănei, one of the most respected infosec professionals in Romania and the CEE, Bit Sentinel works with customers from all over the world.


Our team personally oversees engagements and handles all inquiries, ensuring you get the biggest ROI for your investment.

Our customers refer to their experience of working with as “professional and very transparent” and “clear and responsive”.


We’d love to talk to you about your security needs and challenges!

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