Learn to recognize and report phishing attacks_

Strengthen the first line of defense against cyber threats: the human element

You can count on us to help you promote a culture of security awareness throughout your company and beyond.

From hands-on workshops to security awareness programs, we create and run infosec education programs that make a difference.

Train your employees to recognize and report phishing attacks that could cost you money, time, and reputation.

Ensure your employees are at least half as agile and effective as your technical security controls. Help them get better at defense and you will reduce your attack surface while ensuring compliance with the latest regulations.

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    YOUR Safety is OUR Business!

    of organizations experienced a destructive or ransomware attack in 2022
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    of breaches involved the human element
    0 %
    of organizations ended up separating from employees who were the victims of phishing attacks
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    was the cost of a data breach back in 2022
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    Phish Enterprise: your cyber security awareness trainer

    Give your team all the resources they need to learn!

    The platform focuses mainly on educating employees to identify phishing and ransomware attacks – which are the most common. The theoretical resources explain various basic concepts about phishing and other social engineering tactics with real life examples highlighting impact and best practices.

    Periodically assess and make your team the best layer of defense against cyber threats!

    This safe and instructive training empowers your employees to develop the habit of identifying phishing schemes and reporting them to your IT security team and you’ll have an overview on your team’s performance.

    Important: For some activity sectors, countries might be required to follow certain laws and regulations making cybersecurity awareness training mandatory (take the requirements of the NIS Directive, for example). If you find yourself in such a situation, Phish Enterprise is the tool for you.

    What does Phish Enterprise include?

    • Theoretical resources and videos in your language
    • The flexibility to focus on particular teams
    • The possibility to target all your employees
    • Monthly Summary Reports
    • The option to monitor how your teams perform
    • An engaging gamification system
    • Managed services that will provide contextualized feedback and guidance
    • A full set of spear phishing attacks to use each month

    How can you use PhishEnterprise?

    • Fully automated – use the entire set of available spear phishing attacks as a set-and-forget model
    • Self-managed – customize or create exercises for different teams according to specific needs (HR, sales, CEO, etc.). We can even deploy the platform on premise for you to have exclusive control of the employees’ email addresses
    • Fully managed by our team at Bit Sentinel – offload cybersecurity awareness training to a team of infosec professionals who can teach your employees to counteract malicious hackers’ tactics and create custom and fresh exercises each month for your specific needs  

    What kind of attacks can Phish Enterprise help you avoid?

    • Business Email Compromise schemes
    • CEO fraud
    • Spear phishing & Whaling
    • Pharming
    • Dropbox phishing
    • Google Docs phishing / Sharepoint phishing
    • Social media phishing
    • Invoice phishing / Purchase order phishing
    • Package delivery phishing
    • Disgruntled customer phishing
    • Vishing (voice phishing)
    • Smishing (SMS phishing)
    • Search engine phishing
    • Brand impersonation phishing
    • URL phishing / Website & email spoofing

    Personalized pentesting that addresses the customer’s specific security needs

    Bit Sentinel provided us with pentests services for our online platforms and cybersecurity consultancy, the team tailoring their services to our business particularities, while being clear and responsive to all our requests. Services provided by Bit Sentinel should become best practices for all companies in today’s fast changing business environment, with more and more focus on digital.

    Andra Mitea, General Director @Otter Distribution

    A one-stop shop for cyber security services

    I approached Bit Sentinel a couple of years ago when we needed a trustworthy cybersecurity partner with whom to develop BIS Threat Map. The team coordinated by Andrei proved to be very efficient & flexible in our collaboration. Moreover, whenever we or our clients had a suspicion of data breach or asked for a cybersecurity partner, Bit Sentinel team had a very fast response and always managed to satisfy even the most demanding requirements. I highly recommend Bit Sentinel for penetration testing, code review or any incident response situation.

    Cristian Patachia, Development & Innovation Manager @Orange Romania

    Our work is backed by over 40 of the most prestigious professional certificates in cyber security!

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