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Get an accurate overview and take your security to the next level.

Routinely assess your security controls with clear plans on how to interpret, prioritise, and act on threat data to ensure business continuity and reduce risks. Rely on certified and experienced infosec pros to test and improve your security, ensuring it is robust and that your processes are compliant.

Make security your competitive advantage by contracting professional cybersecurity services, either on a need-to-have basis or as a continuous, managed option.

Establish safeguards for worst-case scenarios with incident response processes and train your team (or yourself) to protect your organization inside-out.

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    High-class penetration testing

    Learn how vulnerable your critical assets are to cyber attacks

    When security experts conduct penetration tests, they simulate cyber attacks, attempting to uncover and safely exploit a company’s system vulnerabilities. They do so without compromising the availability of the systems and confidentiality of information so businesses can continue to operate as usual.

    Meet regulatory requirements and reinforce your partners’ trust

    Proactively address critical security weaknesses, mitigate them before attackers take a swing at them and avoid any downtime cost. Use a penetration test to identify gaps in your information security compliance. This is translated in at least once per year or whenever you introduce new apps or equipments into your network.  

    Effective security code review

    Leverage code security reviews to disarm attackers

    When developers build and integrate more software faster, it inevitably results in a massive proliferation of security vulnerabilities. To ensure we effectively discover and mitigate security issues in your code, we combine meticulous manual reviews with best practice in the automated application security analysis. 

    As attackers get smarter at exploiting your applications ecosystem, it becomes essential for your organization to perform frequent and thorough security code reviews.

    Build security into your SDLC

    You should contract a security code review because it helps you detect and fix vulnerabilities early in the software development lifecycle, before reaching production where it can create damage in your application.

    We recommend choosing a code review when…

    • You build new applications internally or outsource their development
    • You make significant changes to your code or you introduce new features
    • At least once per business quarter
    • Each time you introduce new apps into your system

    Expert managed security

    Supplement in-house expertise with outsourced skills

    Through managed security services, security engineers at Bit Sentinel will act as your company’s extended security team by overseeing and managing your entire cyber security related processes.

    Streamline your internal cybersecurity process

    Ensure prevention measures and implement the proper technical security controls and early detection attack capabilities for the entire organization. Have one primary point of contact backed by a team of experts with a full-range of capabilities for any cyber security challenge.

    Phish Enterprise: your cyber security awareness trainer

    Give your team all the resources they need to learn!

    The platform focuses mainly on educating employees to identify phishing and ransomware attacks – which are the most common. The theoretical resources explain various basic concepts about phishing and other social engineering tactics with real life examples highlighting impact and best practices.

    Periodically assess and make your team the best layer of defense against cyber threats!

    This safe and instructive training empowers your employees to develop the habit of identifying phishing schemes and reporting them to your IT security team and you’ll have an overview on your team’s performance.

    What do our clients have to say about us?

    Personalized pentesting that addresses the customer’s specific security needs

    Bit Sentinel provided us with pentests services for our online platforms and cybersecurity consultancy, the team tailoring their services to our business particularities, while being clear and responsive to all our requests. Services provided by Bit Sentinel should become best practices for all companies in today’s fast changing business environment, with more and more focus on digital.

    Andra Mitea, General Director @Otter Distribution

    A one-stop shop for cyber security services

    I approached Bit Sentinel a couple of years ago when we needed a trustworthy cybersecurity partner with whom to develop BIS Threat Map. The team coordinated by Andrei proved to be very efficient & flexible in our collaboration. Moreover, whenever we or our clients had a suspicion of data breach or asked for a cybersecurity partner, Bit Sentinel team had a very fast response and always managed to satisfy even the most demanding requirements. I highly recommend Bit Sentinel for penetration testing, code review or any incident response situation.

    Cristian Patachia, Development & Innovation Manager @Orange Romania

    Our work is backed by over 40 of the most prestigious professional certificates in cyber security!

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