Offload & optimize security efforts_

Get an accurate overview and take your security to the next level.

Routinely assess your security controls with clear plans on how to interpret, prioritise, and act on threat data to ensure business continuity and reduce risks. Rely on certified and experienced infosec pros to test and improve your security, ensuring it is robust and that your processes are compliant.

Make security your competitive advantage by contracting professional cybersecurity services, either on a need-to-have basis or as a continuous, managed option.

Establish safeguards for worst-case scenarios with 24/7 advanced monitoring services and incident response processes and train your team (or yourself) to protect your organization inside-out.

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    YOUR Safety is OUR Business!

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    Expert managed security

    Supplement in-house expertise with outsourced skills

    Through managed security services, security engineers at Bit Sentinel will act as your company’s extended security team by overseeing and managing your entire cyber security related processes.

    Streamline your internal cybersecurity process

    Ensure prevention measures and implement the proper technical security controls and early detection attack capabilities for the entire organization. Have one primary point of contact backed by a team of experts with a full-range of capabilities for any cyber security challenge.

    These are the security services we can manage for your company

    • Managed Penetration Testing_
    • Managed Security Code Reviews_
    • Managed Social Engineering Prevention Services_
    • Managed Vulnerability Assessments_
    • CISO as a Service_
    • Managed Detection & Response to Cyber Attacks_
    • Security infrastructure management_
    • Audit and compliance management_

    Working with Bit Sentinel as your Managed Security Service Provider will help you:

    • Mitigate and patch the issues with real business impact
    • Replicate successful workflows and improve internal agility
    • Tap into broad expertise and make better security decisions
    • Get the big picture and improve security for your entire organization
    • Supplement in-house expertise with outsourced skills and know-how
    • Rely on a partner who knows your environment inside-out
    • Detect and mitigate threats in their early stages
    • Stop the kill chain before it leads to compromise
    • Systematically reduce your risk with constant improvements

    Security Operations Center-as-a-Service (SOCaaS)

    Ensure the highest level of cyber security for your business

    Avoid data, reputational or financial losses that could result from a security breach with an effective Security Operations Center managed by a team of dedicated, trained and certified specialists who offer best-in-class services and 100% attention to your security needs.

    Rely on uninterrupted end-to end monitoring and detection, doubled by response services 

    BSS-CERT is one of the very first professional SOC-as-a-Service available for customers across all major verticals and industries who need comprehensive detection, response, and threat intelligence capabilities. Our team is proficient in all cyber related disciplines and they will easily and timely cover every inch of your organization’s digital and physical perimeters.

    SOCaaS: Who is it for?

    Large or small organizations from all industries and verticals can choose to work with a SOCaaS provider. Here’s how:
    1. If you’re in the early stages of developing your security plans, strategies and programs, a SOCaaS provider will help embed capabilities to detect and respond to incidents.
    2. If you have cyber security strategies in place, but you’re unhappy with your current approach, a SOCaaS provider will help you get on the right track.
    3. If you are already managing your own SOC, but want to take it to the next level, a SOCaaS provider will help you update your SOC processes, bring new tools or offload the effort of your team to let them focus on other key areas.

    What to expect from Bit Sentinel SOC-as-a-Service?

    1. Highly skilled cyber security professionals who:
    • hold over 40 of the most prestigious professional certifications in the field
    • provide 24/7 monitoring and support to protect your people, cloud infrastructure, physical infrastructure and SaaS applications
    • offer regular updates on your security status address threats immediately
    • work side-by-side with you to agree on the best action plans and strategies
    • align the SOC strategy with your business goals
    • install, tune, deploy and manage everything related to your cyber security
    2. Next-gen SIEM technology and other integrated tools that allow us to provide you best-in-class services:
    • Monitoring security events and alerts from security solutions (e.g. Fortinet Firewall, Antivirus)
    • Monitoring cloud security events and alerts (Azure Active Directory, Office 365 and so on)
    • Monitoring security alerts on on-premise/cloud servers and virtual machines
    • Monitoring security alerts on workstations
    • Network event monitoring (Fortigate, NetFlow and so on)
    • Response to critical or high impact security alerts
    • Security incident response
    • Support and assistance for security incident management and expert analysis
    • Constant Vulnerability Assessment
    • Regular Active Directory
    • Vulnerability & Risk Assessment
    • Active Threat Hunting
    • Installation and monitoring of traps and deception systems/honeypots
    • Analysis of suspicious emails
    • and so much more!

    Effective incident response

    Recover immediately from cyber attacks

    Rely on the Bit Sentinel team to help you effectively manage data breaches and other types of cyber attacks, irrespective of their cause, intensity or complexity, due to our extensive expertise and capabilities. 

    Manage crises efficiently

    Design and develop an effective incident response program that encompasses technology, people, and processes. After eradicating existing threats from the network with agility and precision, Bit Sentinel will help you develop a roadmap for short-term remediation and a long-term risk mitigation plan based on lessons learned from the investigation.

    Our team of highly trained cybersecurity professionals can help you:

    • restore your network activity and online reputation
    • identify and remove malicious code, malware, and backdoors from the compromised network
    • understand the attack vector from the incident response report and secure your assets
    • create and implement a Disaster Recovery Plan
    • prioritize your business objectives and manage your risk tolerance
    • prepare your business and assets for an inevitable future sophisticated attack against your network
    • learn how to promote and support a culture of security awareness that works as your best proactive defense

    We cover all areas involved in effective cybersecurity incident response:

    1. Organizational strategy and C-level or top management communication
    2. Technology expertise involving forensics, malware analysis, log analysis, and IT operations
    3. Business operations, including cyber attack resilience, disaster recovery, and proactive communications
    4. Risk and compliance management involving liaising with regulators, legal counsel, and law enforcement

    What do our clients have to say about us?

    Personalized pentesting that addresses the customer’s specific security needs

    Bit Sentinel provided us with pentests services for our online platforms and cybersecurity consultancy, the team tailoring their services to our business particularities, while being clear and responsive to all our requests. Services provided by Bit Sentinel should become best practices for all companies in today’s fast changing business environment, with more and more focus on digital.

    Andra Mitea, General Director @Otter Distribution

    A one-stop shop for cyber security services

    I approached Bit Sentinel a couple of years ago when we needed a trustworthy cybersecurity partner with whom to develop BIS Threat Map. The team coordinated by Andrei proved to be very efficient & flexible in our collaboration. Moreover, whenever we or our clients had a suspicion of data breach or asked for a cybersecurity partner, Bit Sentinel team had a very fast response and always managed to satisfy even the most demanding requirements. I highly recommend Bit Sentinel for penetration testing, code review or any incident response situation.

    Cristian Patachia, Development & Innovation Manager @Orange Romania

    Our work is backed by over 40 of the most prestigious professional certificates in cyber security!

    Ready to take your security to the next level?

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