How are white box, black box, and grey box penetration testing methods different?

White Box Pentesting

Also known as glass box, structural, clear box and open box testing.

This is a testing technique whereby explicit knowledge of the internal workings of the item being tested is used to select the test data.

White Box Testing starts from a point of complete knowledge of the infrastructure to be tested, often including network diagrams, source code, and IP addressing information.

Black Box Pentesting

Black Box Security Testing has an unique approach and assumes no prior knowledge of the infrastructure to be tested.

Grey Box Pentesting

The Grey Box Testing is a blend of Black Box testing and White Box testing techniques.

This multifaceted test results in a comprehensive and highly focused test that cuts down on testing time-frame and budget.

Moreover, this approach helps our engineers to learn how your application works and test at both ends whether a suspicious vector of an attack is plausible or not, minimizing false positive results.

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