Why should I contract Penetration Testing for my company?

Security breaches and any related interruptions often result in direct financial losses, threaten organizations’ reputations, erode customer loyalty, attract negative press, and trigger significant fines and penalties.

A recent study conducted by EY (EY Global Information Security Survey 2018-2019) reported the average cost of a data breach for the affected company is now $3.62 million.

Organizations have traditionally sought to prevent breaches by installing and maintaining layers of defensive security mechanisms, including user access controls, cryptography, IPS, IDS and firewalls.

However, constantly adopting new technologies introduces a lot of complexity which makes it even more challenging for security engineers to react, protect, and eliminate high and critical vulnerabilities on a day-to-day basis.

Penetration testing evaluates your organization’s ability to protect its networks, applications, endpoints, and users from external or internal attempts to circumvent its security controls and gain unauthorized or privileged access to protected assets.

Test results validate the risk posed by specific security vulnerabilities or flawed processes, enabling IT management and security professionals to prioritize remediation efforts.

By embracing more frequent and comprehensive penetration testing, organizations like yours can anticipate emerging security risks more effectively and prevent unauthorized access to critical systems and valuable information.

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