Backend Web Developer (Laravel)

Short company description

BIT SENTINEL is an information security company that aims to protect businesses against cyber threats by offering a variety of services including penetration testing, malware protection, cyber attacks recovery, 0day attacks mitigation, security audit, trainings and even preparing various competitions. For us, working together to ensure a secure & brighter future is no longer a cliche, we enjoy to explore innovations and permanently developing towards testing new technologies. We believe that technology is essential for driving human progress, and we’re doing our best to bring it one step closer to secure.

Job description

As a team member, you will be involved in developing small and medium  web applications and APIs for internal projects related to offensive & defensive cyber security. The team is willing to work with new technologies. You would be learning everything on this list that you don’t already know and much more.

Duties and Responsibilities

The primary responsibility of this position is to lead web development of small and medium web applications in projects related to offensive & defensive cyber security.

Main responsibilities

  • Implement and test software modules that meet specifications
  • Participate in identifying configuration changes to services so that they meet business requirements
  • Integrate technical and service components
  • Maintain, tune and repair services in order to keep them performing according to technical and functional specifications
  • Perform preventive maintenance activities
  • Proactively identifies problems with requirements for their own and adjacent work. Communicates these issues early to help course-correct
  • Communicates project status clearly and effectively in a proactive manner
  • Build scalable, high-quality, and innovative solutions and features
  • Write code that is simple, reliable, maintainable, performant, functional, and compatible across devices and browsers
  • Design applications with extensibility in mind, while considering efficiency and the burden of developer onboarding
  • Debug issues reported in our production environment
  • Provide level-of-effort estimates and specifications for upcoming project tasks
  • Understand requirements, discuss trade-offs, and collaborate on the best approach to solving a problem
  • Succinctly communicate complex problems and proposed solutions, in writing and in conversation
  • Perform code reviews with meaningful feedback
  • Test and troubleshoot with automated testing or manual quality assurance

Requirements and Qualifications

  • Experience with PHP, including Laravel
  • Understanding of object-oriented software principles, unit testing, acceptance testing, and design patterns
  • Experience developing and consuming restful web services
  • Experience working closely with design and product teams throughout the product development life cycle
  • A deep understanding of software development, working collaboratively as part of a multidisciplinary team with a track record of shipping software on time
  • Curiosity and vision: You have a passion for technology and can think critically about performance, scalability, and reliability of software

Good to have:

  • Fantastic to have: Experience in Mysql, Redis, Rabbitmq
  • Experience with Bootstrap, Vuejs, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Python etc
  • Experience with version control and basic shell scripting
  • Knowledge of agile methodologies
  • Experience in using version control systems
  • Experience in using Composer for dependency management

Benefits package:

  • Professional and friendly working environment
  • Professional development through specific trainings/certification
  • Excellent job perspective for the future
  • Exciting career in a dynamic, growing organization with a very diverse portfolio
  • Work from Home Option available
  • Attractive compensation package: fixed salary compensation along with rewards & incentives performance-related bonus scheme  

Other info

Besides providing cyber security services & advisory for companies from different sectors such as Fintech, Healthcare, Real Estate, Retail, Ecommerce, Online, Startups, Blockchain, Critical Infrastructures etc. we are also:

  • Involved as one of the key technical partners from the RESISTO project: an innovative solution for Communication CIs holistic situation awareness and enhanced resilience
  • Technical coordinator for the National Phase & Selection of National Teams of European Cyber Security Challenge, one of the most important cybersecurity competitions from Europe
  • Developer & Technical Coordinator of Business Internet Security Threat Map, a technology developed by us for Orange Romania that presents the visualization from a high overview perspective of the data gathered from the Orange Romania Business Internet Security agents deployed across Romania
  • CyberEDU – cyber range as a service platform
  • Phish Enterprise – attack simulation using phishing

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