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Cyberthreats are emerging everyday and clearly from everywhere so, finding the right solution or the right service partner to protect your business can be challenging. Bit Sentinel aims to differentiate in the market, providing cybersecurity advice to companies interested to turn aside threats, close gaps in security and manage their cybersecurity risk.

An amazing journey

It’s been over 4 years since we started to build our journey in the INFOSEC world, always open to learn and develop our skills & portfolio according to the market threats & changes. We grew our local team, we polished our skills through worldwide recognised certifications and managed to develop long lasting business relationships with customers and partners.

During this years, we got involved in such diverse and exciting projects out of which we can mention:

  • Tech Coordinator for the European Cybersecurity Challenge, where we contributed with challenges, trainings & other tech activities
  • Developer & Maintainer of the Orange BIS Threat Map where you can see real-time attacks against Romanian businesses protected by Orange Romania
  • Partner in the EU project called RESISTO whose main goal is to implement an innovative Decision Support System to protect communication infrastructures from combined cyber-physical threats exploiting the Software Defined Security model on a suite of state of the art cyber/physical security components (Blockchain, Machine Learning, IoT security, Airborne threat detection, holistic audio-video analytics) and services (Responsible Disclosure Framework) for detection and reaction in presence of attacks or natural disasters.

This year we felt the need to change also our website, to offer our audience a more clear and easy to follow overview on the real value of cybersecurity services so, we’ve worked on a facelift :). The novelty of the new website is that we managed to translate INFOSEC in a more familiar, easy to understand language.

Startup Security Essentials

With the launch of the new website, we also designed specific cybersecurity packages for companies that plan to adopt a minimum standard of security but they don’t know how or where to start. First such package is called Startup Security Essentials and is dedicated to early-stage companies that cannot allocate a large budget, but they still want to ensure their data safety.

Customers and investors put their trust in your startup to a great extent. Regardless of your industry or vertical, you can’t afford a disruptive cyber attack so this kind of service package ensures you can confidently manage and solve your security issues. With Startup Security Essentials, you can minimize the unpredictable consequences of a data breach and establish strong foundations for growth.

Of course we are working to launch other security packages tailored on specific needs and industries and also develop new products & resources to help companies strengthen their overall cybersecurity.

What they say about us

Moreover, as you might already know by now, very few people talk about their cybersecurity projects, in spite of the pervasive and widespread nature of cyber threats and attacks. We believe that sharing knowledge, experience, and both success and failure stories is how the information security can grow and thrive. A common, sustained effort is required to counteract malicious hacking and its wildly diverse tactics and consequences. That is why Case Studies & Client Testimonials occupies a well deserved place in our new website, because we cherish and value transparency, trust and collaboration.

Call for infosec & tech enthusiasts

Last but not least, we are always looking for smart people to join our team so if you work in INFOSEC or you would like to start working in cybersecurity, you might want to see our openings. We are proud to say that we are engaged in exciting local and international projects and always up for new challenges.

Now, we invite you to go through our main services or explore our products. We take this opportunity to tell you that we will make a routine in sharing INFOSEC news & resources that can support your business continuity so feel free to subscribe the newsletter!

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